Our Story

The history of The Victoria Stakes dates back well over a hundred years.

As the custodians of this very special corner of North London, we have been playing our part since 2013.

In that time we have tried to incorporate some of what we’ve learnt along the way, with over 40 years of restaurant & event experience between us. We are proud to have created a slice of village life in the city; a focal point for the local community and somewhere worth travelling to for those from further afield.

Our Family

The Victoria Stakes is a family business through and through. General Manager Ben, owns the place along with his wife Lucy and brother-in-law Marc

And then there’s the rest of the Victoria Stakes team. We may not all be related, but we share the same passion and drive, and are all committed to exceed customer expectations, with delivery of great food, drink & customer service

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A friendly respite

The Stakes dates back to the turn of the century, originally built as a coachouse & stables.   The mighty steeds which would haver the task of taking the public up the steep ascent for Muswell Hill.  The building sat firmly at the foot of the hill, and became a welcome spot for those wishing respite and a friendly welcome.

Rumour has it the name originates from the 3.05 race at Alexandra Palace race course.  The Hornsey gent, with his winning stake, brought the pub and named it after his lucky race.

Today the Victoria Stakes, remains true to its roots, and remains a focal point within the community.


Our pub

Pub, Yard & Dining room.

Three very different spaces that share the same DNA, a bit like our owners – Ben, Lucy & Marc.

All of our spaces are open for business all of the time, so find your patch, settle in and let us do the rest.